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What to Expect at
PowerRide University


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Thank you for enrolling in a PowerRide University Riding course.  We're committed to providing you with the highest quality of rider education in a safe, positive environment.  Please take a moment to review the following information, which will help you to prepare for the course.

It is the student's obligation to ensure your state will accept the License Waiver Card given at the completion of our courses.  Please see the License Info Tab.

How to Succeed in a RiderCourse:

Be on time:  The RiderCoaches need to get the class started on time. We suggest you plan to arrive one half-hour early.
Please note directions to the range and classroom are located on our website.  We highly recommend that you print them out and use them to find your way.

If you are late, you will not be able to participate in the class.

Be properly dressed for the riding sessions The required clothing and footwear are:

  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots

  • Denim or other heavyweight pants

  • A long-sleeved shirt or jacket

  • Eye protection like Sunglasses or Goggles

  • A Department Of Transportation (DOT) compliant 3/4 or full-face helmet


If you have your own DOT-compliant 3/4 or full-face helmet, eye protection, and gloves, you're welcome to bring them.
Otherwise, we rent Helmets and sell gloves.


NOTE: Half-helmets are not permitted at PRU.


If you are not dressed properly, you can not participate in the course.


Please see our Riding Gear Tab: Riding Gear


Bring required documents and, if required, a parent or legal guardian.  To begin the class, you must bring one of the following:
• A valid Driver’s License, or
• Motorcycle Permit

If you are under eighteen years old, you will also need a parent or legal guardian present to sign your waiver form. Once they do that, they are free to leave, and you'll be good to go!


Rest, Food, and Water

Make sure you've had adequate rest and food before class. You will have a lunch break and there are several restaurants nearby, but we suggest you bring water and snacks based on your personal needs.

Understanding Expectations If you come prepared, we'll make every effort to guide you successfully through the BRC. However, please understand that not every student successfully completes the course. If you are unable to meet the objectives of an exercise or if you pose a safety risk to yourself or others, a RiderCoach may counsel you out of the course. There is NO GUARANTEE that you will pass the course.


Cancellation / Reschedule Policy


Call 207-573-7433 (As listed in the Terms & Conditions) PRU must receive rescheduling requests 72 hours or more before the start of your scheduled class. Rescheduling will be done on a space-available basis. We make no guarantee that you will be able to reschedule to the specific date you request. There is a $75 nonrefundable administrative fee to reschedule if your request is granted. 


PRU must receive cancellation requests at least seven calendar days before the start of your scheduled class. You will incur a $75 processing fee. A refund will be made in the same form as the original payment; if a credit card was used that card will be credited. All refunds will be processed within five business days. If you cannot or do not attend your scheduled class you forfeit your registration and your registration fee.


Passing The BRC Written Knowledge Test


You must score 80% or better to pass the Written Knowledge Test. Students who do not pass the test will not be given the opportunity to retest.


Riding Skills Evaluation


You may accumulate no more than 15 points to pass the Riding Skills Evaluation. Students who do not pass the Riding Skills Evaluation will not be given the opportunity to take the test again. 

Upon successful completion of the BRC you will receive a Basic Riders Course completion Waiver after the completion of your class. This Endorsement Waiver should be taken to a DMV, where it will be treated as proof of successful completion of a Class M2 (2 wheel) or M3 (3 wheel) Licensing Skills test depending on the class your class and waiver.


Unsuccessful Students

Not everyone passes the Written Knowledge Test or Riding Skills Evaluation on their first try.  Current Virginia Policy does not allow us to re-test students who do not successfully complete the course.  It is also state policy that non-successful students must re-take the entire course again.


Being Counseled-Out

Learning to safely operate a motorcycle is both mentally and physically demanding.  It requires a great deal of coordination and control of hands, feet, body, and mind. Not everyone develops these skills at the same pace, and some individuals may find it impossible to reach an adequate level of skill level at the pace of others.  Your RiderCoach wants to see you succeed, but if they feel you have become a danger to yourself or others, they may ask you to return at a later date.  The choice to continue later is an individual choice and at your own expense, not PowerRide's.


Ride a Bicycle

If you aren’t already able to ride a motorcycle, and you haven’t been on a bicycle in years, we suggest you dust off your old bike and take some rides around your neighborhood before you take the BRC.  It will help you to get ready for the course.


Health Matters

Please keep us informed if you have unique health issues that may affect your ability to ride safely over a number of hours outside in varying extreme weather conditions. We try to accommodate individual needs allowing most students to successfully complete a course.  We may not deviate from the course material or the evaluation criteria as it is the Virginia licensing standard. Please remember to print out the map and directions, and also review your schedule included in reminder e-mails, sent before the class you are registered to attend.


We look forward to meeting you!

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