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Become a Powerride university ridercoach

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RiderCoaches  are the heart of PowerRide University’s efforts to provide SAFE rider education to our customers.  Our RiderCoaches fully represent the communities they teach in, giving generously of their personal time and knowledge in a commitment to motorcycle safety.

With the same type of dedication, you too can become a PowerRide University (PRU) RiderCoach, giving back to the motorcycling community and benefitting from becoming a more knowledgeable rider and sharing it with others.

Every year, thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds begin their motorcycle journey at PRU.  This starts with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of RiderCoaches who are experienced and willing to learn themselves.  Part of learning always includes accepting feedback from peers and the continued development gained by working within a community of professionals.

PRU offers RiderCoach Preparation Courses for those who are committed to helping others, have a firm knowledge of safe motorcycle operation, and can continue to grow year after year.  The work is not easy physically or mentally, but the reward of helping others learn how to ride is immeasurable.

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For many, the additional income can be a great way to pay for the motorcycle addiction, but for most it is the reward of seeing those “ah-ha” moments as students meet life-long goals or establish new passions.

Join the thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts around the world who want to give back some of what motorcycling has given to them by submitting your application at the link below

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